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Design Services

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal; we design the Swimming Pool, Water Feature & Fountain, Steam-Sauna and other leisure & lifestyle items/project to your needs and our approach is to survey the site and usage condition to find suitable layout and its appropriate size. To reach our excellent design, we need to consider:

  • Customers’ safety
  • Practical for life & leisure
  • Easy to maintenance

Moreover, we sincerely believe that good projects do not just happen. They are conceived to meet the functional requirements as well as look beautiful and come about when good designers and good clients join in thoughtful cooperative effort. We take pride in understanding our clients’ requirements and bringing their ideas to life, designing a beautiful product of the highest quality.

New Construction

Total Engineering take great pride in delivering exceedingly high quality projects, that are constructed to an extraordinary standard which far surpasses the expectations of our clients. We have developed a vast knowledge of swimming pool construction, ranging from complex, Hotel, Resort, Bungalow,  Club and defense sector in the country. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers ensure that total emphasis is placed on outstanding delivery every time.

We follow a well-organized approach to construct swimming pool & water body, consisting of the following:

Step 1: Site Lay-out, Excavation (if required)-leveling & brick soling/CC, Step 2: Placing Steel Bars, Step 3: Plumbing Work & Hydraulic Test, Step 4: Placing the Concrete including water retardant chemical, Step 5: Curing and ponding test, Step 6: Tank inside surface water proofing treatment and level plastering, Step 7: Tile fixing and Coping, Step 8: Installing the fittings inside the tank, Step 9: Equipment Installing and Starting Up the system

Equipment Supply & Installation

Quality of Equipment and proper Installation is one of the most important parts successful project implementation. Since TELCo don’t like to compromise with the quality, it always use global branded & quality certified equipment and installed following most standard as well as keep sufficient maintenance space for valuable client’s projects.

We are in a position to supply major equipment from our ready stock. We have sufficient stock of the following branded items:

# Swimming Pool Equipment & AccessoriesEMAUX (Australia/Hongkong), Hayward (USA),  Pentair(USA), WaterCo(Australia/Malaysia),  Astral (Australia/Spain), Calorex(UK).

# JACUZZI & SPA: Baja(USA), Astral(Spain), Monalisa (China), Jazzi(China).

# STEAM-SAUNA: AMEREC(USA), TYLO(Finland), EMAUX(Australia/Hongkong), Harvia (Finland).

# Water Feature: EMAUX(Australia/Hongkong), HUIQI(China), Astral(Spain) etc.

# Swimming Pool Tiles: Chinese made and as per choice of model & color by the Client.

# Optical Fiber: Japan/Malaysia/China(As per choice of Client).

# WTP-STP-ETP: USA/EU/Indian/Taiwan/China origin(As per choice of Client).



Post-sales service is consisted of warranty and parts for maintenance to lengthen the pool’s life. We provide spare part for maintenance; including comprehensive pool cleaning services, repair and resurfacing. With extensive services and competitive pricing, we can help you look forward to more fun and less effort.

Regular and proper maintenance is essential to the health of your valuable equipments. Total Engineering relieves the hassle and stress of keeping up with proper maintenance as well as others within it’s scope of work.

As experts in the pool industry, we understand the importance of locating an experienced technician to handle all your pool needs. Whether you need scheduled weekly or monthly check-ups on your pool or if you need pool equipment repairs, you can count on TELCo as a trusted company in this region. TELCo takes excellent care of pools built by us and we help you solve all complications that may arise due to wear and tear. We offer expert troubleshooting for swimming pools and water features.

Renovation, Refurbishment & Restoration

Although we are known as swimming pool builders, our expertise extend to renovation and refurbishment works as well as restoration of old swimming pools, water features and other water related constructions. If you are envisioning a bigger, better, or more technologically advanced swimming pool and are considering re-plastering, remodeling or some other form of pool renovation, get in touch with us.

Some of our work include (1) expanding existing swimming pool sizes to fit larger families or to accommodate a new design, (2) re-designing and reshaping, (3) re-furbishing to replace old finishing giving the pool a fresh new look, and (4) restoring old pools to its former glory.

Our Worldwide Partners