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All our activities focusing on the TOOLS for Creating A Masterpiece of Stylish Life and Relaxing Leisure. This begins at feasibility analysis-design and continues with construction, supply-installation of equipment, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of water culture & lifestyle items as following:-
  • Residential Swimming Pool
  • SPA Pool
  • Commercial & Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Optical Fiber & Specialized Lighting system
  • Steam & Sauna Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bio-fish pond
  • Water Feature & Fountain
  • Musical Fountain
  • Water Theme Park
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)
  • Plumbing & Hot Water Generation System
  • Deep Tube-well etc.

Swimming Pools:

A swimming pool is a container or body filled with water intended for swimming or water-based recreation.  A pool can be built either above or in the ground, and from materials such as concrete, metal, plastic or fiberglass. Pools that may be used by many people or by the general public are called public, while pools used exclusively by a few people or in a home are called private. Many health clubs, fitness centers and private clubs have public pools used mostly for exercise. Many hotels have pools available for their guests. Hot tubs and spas are pools with hot water, used for relaxation or therapy, and are common in homes, hotels, clubs and parlors.

Our team of experts having over 17 years of experience in Designing and commissioning Swimming Pools, would design and deliver state of the art swimming pools. With extensive collaborative network in America, Australia, Europe & Far East, we are in a position to supply any types of swimming pools of indoor and outdoor type from the ready stock.


Jacuzzi, a system of underwater jets that keep the water in a bath or pool constantly agitated. This is basically big bathtubs, or pool-like structures which are equipped to sprout jets of water and air bubbles into the water from distinct stages of the tub. Jacuzzi whirlpool jet system produces a hydro massage effect by pulling water from your bathtub and pumping the water, mixed with air, from the jets back in the bathtub at high pressure. This hydro massage or hydrotherapy has wonderful curative benefits as it helps the muscles relax. It is especially good for those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis as it helps soothe away the pain.

We can provide Jacuzzi specially built and suited to customer’s requirement—small and large from our ready stock!


A sauna is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these and auxiliary facilities. It is an interregnal part of life style of high net worth. Saunas are maintained higher temperature (often 70-90 degrees celsius) due to the lack of humidity(generally 10% but very often water is poured on the hot rocks and the vapor raises the humidity of the room up to 20%) in the air. In sauna bathers, Blood vessels become more flexible and there is increased circulation to the extremities. During a saunabath, blood flow to the skin increases to as high as 50-70% of cardiac output (compared to the standard 5-10%). This brings nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue resulting in glowing healthy skin. Sauna provides a cardiovascular workout–helps condition the heart. Sauna heat puts the body into an artificial fever state (hyperthermia). Fever is part of the body’s natural healing process. This “fake fever” stimulates the immune system resulting in an increased production of disease fighting white blood cells and antibodies.

While the growth of bacteria and virus is forced to slow down. Athletes use Saunas to loosen tight muscles after a hard workout. Sauna bath makes you feel rejuvenated and have increased energy levels. The Sauna helps many get a more restful sleep. In the hydrotherapeutic tradition used at European and America spas, sweat therapy is used in preparation for massage as a means of increasing the suppleness of the muscles and creating a deep sense of relaxation in body and mind. A sauna bath opens skin pores, soothes sore muscles, and increases circulation. However, more than common metabolic waste products are secreted through the skin.

We can provide Sauna specially built to client’s requirement and demand. We are the only company in the country who can supply Saunas of custom built and suited to customer’s requirement—small and large from our ready stock!

Water Technology:

Our experts in water technology can provide you both consultation services as well as items used in Houses, Hotels, Institutions & Farm Houses  for supply of fresh water from underground, setting upon water treatment plants and waste treatment plants (both industrial as well as for home).

Steam Room:

A steam room is an enclosed space with large amounts of high-temperature steam, creating a high-humidity environment for relaxation and purported benefits to health and well-being. Steam rooms are commonly maintained at a temperature of 41 degrees celsius or above, with a high humidity of around 100% adding to the sensation. A steam rooms give a lot of benefits and advantages. The most common and obvious reason is to relieve tension buildup and various forms of stress. Steam bath will definitely give people a soothing and relaxing effect most especially after a hard day’s work. It does not only relax your muscles but most importantly it will keep your emotional mood more stable and happy. Various ailments such as arthritis, muscle pains and the like can be relieved because of its warm effect to the body. Old people will surely benefit from this since joint pains and other body pains can be relieved. It can also help reduce weight for those who are fat and in need of losing fats.

Steam rooms due to its heat effect make you sweat a lot thus your body will eventually release toxins and other negative energies. It will also regulate and stimulate the flow of your blood and make your metabolism works faster. It also makes your skin looks fresh, young looking and truly healthy. It can give you a lot of self-confidence due to the good effects it will cause to your personal appearance.

We can provide Steam Room specially built to client’s requirement and demand. We are the only company in the country who can supply Steam Room of custom built and suited to customer’s requirement—small and large from our ready stock!

Kitchen and utility products/services:

We do supply at affordable price built in kitchen as well as items for bathrooms exclusively made to change your life styles.