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Fact and Figures

TOTAL ENGINEERING AND LIFESTYLE AMENITIES CO[TELCo.] starts its journey at the first day of this millennium (01.01.2000) by the name TOTAL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS COMPANY. The founder of the company was ENGINEER MD NUR MAHMUD. In 2004, seven engineers jointly incorporated it as Limited Company and registered in Joint Stock Companies Bangladesh, No. C-53195(3490)/2004 dtd. 20th June 2004. The JSC registered company name was TOTAL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS (PVT.) LTD. In this decade the company again back to the pavilion with the present modification under the founder’s umbrella.

TELCo. attempts to provide certain items on priority basis that will make you realize the dream of dramatic and rechargeable Relaxing Leisure.

 Our stakeholders are committed to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our way of working. Our most valued motto, “Serve the best, do everything honestly, and will never fail to satisfy the customer” has guided us to achieve a Distinct level of work culture and Excellent customer satisfaction.

Presently TELCo is the leading LifeStyle service provider in Bangladesh. Over two decades TELCo & its previous concerned completed more than 500 projects in these regions. We pride ourselves with the knowledge and experience to design and build lifestyle projects fine-tuned to the taste and preference of each individual customer. in private bungalow, commercial housing, hotel & resorts as well as large scale residential condominium stand us the most popular company in this business sector.

TELCo people have the experience and expertise to give you top notch services and excellent world class quality finished products. We wholeheartedly believe in using only the best materials and equipment in every step of the execution process.

Honesty and Integrity

When TELCo issues a quotation, all costs will be included and visible in our very first proposal. If there are additions during the execution process, we will identify the costs and get your signature for approval before proceeding with the work. TELCo will always have a representative to communicate with the client during the execution process.

TELCo promises to always give the best advice, guidance and best overall value for money on every proposal we issue. Since we honor existing relations and keen to make new relation, we are very rational for negotiation about project cost.

Our Worldwide Partners