Message from the CEO

Engr Md Nur Mahmud

Thank you for visiting with us.

If this is your first contact with Total Engineering and LifeStyle Amenities Co.,I like to personally extend a warm welcome to you. We hope you will eventually join our family of satisfied customers that now number over 500 residential and commercial pool-steam-sauna-jacuzzi-water features & fountain owners in Bangladesh.

There are very few opportunities for Bangladesh to take a sigh of relief after daily stressful work routine, and our tradition of meeting up with family, relative & friends are becoming less day by day. But the tools of leisure & pleasure in the premises of the living and working area
has a lot of potentials to add the missing values of community building, pleasure & relief.

Swimming pool-steam-sauna-jacuzzi-water features & fountain amenities making a heaven-like view most soothingly. Total Engineering and LifeStyle Amenities Co., in the effective & efficient way is giving cutting-edge services of complex
technicalities in these areas.

I hope you will get a remarkable idea about the amenities of Leisure & Pleasure by full visiting our website and feel like waves of enjoyment by getting services from us.

We are proud of what we do and encourage you to contact us if we can be the best choice of your leisure & pleasure amenities service provider.
Warmest Regards,
Engr. Md. Nur Mahmud, CEO.